Dog Care

City Paws Home Health is dedicated to providing the highest quality medicine to dogs in their own homes. Many times, bringing dogs to the veterinarian is a stressful, chaotic, time consuming and messy chore. Large dogs, who can be physically challenging to lift and to get in and out of the car, do not need to be moved.

City Paws takes the stress out of the veterinarian trip by coming to you and your dog and providing care in the home. Often, dogs that are scared or act out at a veterinary clinic will stay calm and happy the entire visit at home with City Paws because we take the time to get to know them and proceed with care and compassion.

Anything that can be done with your dog at home we do. This includes the following:


Health Evaluations

Your dog is evaluated in its own environment allowing us to gain insight to clues that might not be found in a clinic setting.


Wellness Visits

Thorough physical examinations and evaluations with health plans tailored to your dog.


Vaccinations and Preventative Care

Prevention is the best medicine. We adapt every vaccination program to your dog’s lifestyle.



Keep your dog safe by placing a microchip. If your dog gets lost, it can be more easily returned to you.


Behavior Consultation

Observation, discussion and treatment of behavioral problems.


Health Certificates

For domestic and international travel or sale.


Diagnostic Screening/Lab work

Tests run both in your home and at outside laboratories to evaluate and monitor the health of your dog.


Illness and Disease Care

Outpatient care for dogs dealing with short term disease, injury, and illness.


Hospice Care

Outpatient care for dogs with chronic or life-ending diseases so that your dog spends its final time comfortable, happy, and with those that love it in its own home.


Pain Management

Keep your dog comfortable during injury, recovery, or old age.


In-home Euthanasia

Allow your dog to pass in the privacy of your own houseĀ  - peacefully and surrounded by those who love it.


Further Care...

We do all we can in your house, but sometimes a specialist is necessary. If we feel your pet is in need of a specialist, we have an extensive network of specialists we will work closely with to ensure your pet receives the best care as well as supreme at-home follow-up.